[Bundle] BLack Line Clear gels [16ml]

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16ml each, Black Line Base, Hybrid base, Enne, Non-Wipe, Matte Top and Feather Top Bundle. 


Black Line base: Requires sanding. Brush on application for quick and easy application.

Hybrid Base: Peel off base. One month wear like a regular base gel* and peel it off when it's time for a new set. *Result varies on individuals

Enne Non-Wipe: High shine Non-Wipe Top gel. With this smooth levelling texture, you will consistently achieve seamless mirror-like shine. 

Matte Top: Add a frosty effect to the nail. Apply on a nail and cure. Wipe off the inhibition layer with Isopropyl alcohol. *It is more of a satin finish compared to the Non-Wipe Feather Top.

Feather Top: Non-Wipe matte Top. This new addition top gel offers a true matte finish with a velvety touch.


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