Bella Nail Label

Special effect collection.

Birthday lights series: Four dazzling colours packed with reflective glitters, magnet powders and iridescent powders.

Art Clear Hachimitsu: Non-wipe 3D gel is best for drawing thin, smooth 3D lines. It is excellent for adding ever-so-delicate accents, applies smoothly to large areas. It works wonderfully with chrome powders. Sister product to “Watagashi” and “Mizuame.”

Mixing Tsubu /Mixing Tsubu Brown: A Mixture of crushed rocks and shimmer. 

Mixing MAG, MAG Gold: Brilliant magnet gels.

Glowing GRN, Glowing BLU: Glow in dark colours.

Slow Mag, Airy Mag series: Gentle magnets. With the light texture, the magnet particles move effortlessly. 

Reflect series: Tinted pearlescent shades resembling aurora powder.

Mixing WM Mohair series: A mixture of Luxurious and colourful fibers inspired by Mohair. 

Chatoyancy series 1 & 2: Like the cat's eye glow effect "Chatoyancy, " it collects light and shines gently. Subtle effect magnet gel. 

The Flake series: Features little pieces that exist in nature.

Droppuru collection: A colorful and plump texture like jelly drops!
This high-viscosity gel lets you create 3D art with ease or can be used as a regular color and glitter gel.