Private labeling

Ask us anything about gel nail product development.


VETRO Co., Ltd. the manufacturer of VETRO, operates in Japan, and its factory is certified with Cosmetics GMP (ISO 22716).


Are you looking to create your brand of gel products?

With so many gel brands on the market, developing high-quality products with unique features is necessary to differentiate them. We support you in all processes related to gel nail manufacturing, including product planning, research and development, and arranging packaging and containers.

With our technology and decades-long experience in gel nail production, you can be confident that we provide you with the latest and highest quality gel nail products that meet your needs.

Feel free to consult with us whether you have experience in the field or have just started experimenting with the idea. We will respond comprehensively, from planning proposals for private labelling gel nail products to formulation development, manufacturing, and quality control.



Proposal Planning: We will propose plans for your products.

Research and development: We will develop safe and functional products for you.

Production: We manufacture high-quality, stable products with the latest equipment and technology.

Quality management: We conduct strict quality control of bulk and finished products.


The key features of our service

・A wide range of colors can be replicated with high-precision technology.

・We can customize the viscosity, texture, and other factors to meet your preferences.

・You will have very original color gels as your products.



The filling process is fully automated.


The packaging label is laser printed to meet legal requirements and has its lot number identified.


The finished product with your original logo.



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