[Bundle] Watagashi & Mizuame [4ml/25ml]

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4ml or 25ml each, Art Clear Watagashi and Art Clear Mizuame bundle.


Art Clear Watagashi: It is like Cotton Candy: No self-levelling and light texture.

This Non-wipe 3D gel is best for
-Drawing defined 3D lines like sweater nail design.
-Creating art with an edgy texture surface.
You can work on multiple nails without flash curing!

Art Clear Mizuame: It is like Japanese Starch Syrup: Very slow, self-levelling, thick texture.

This Non-wipe 3D gel is best for
-Drawing smooth 3D lines like ring design.
-Creating art with a smooth surface like large drops.
It is excellent for setting large, pointed-back embellishments!
We also have a self-leveling, Non wipe 3D gel "Hachimitu" under the Bella Nail label. 

*Mizuame and Watagashi are highly reactive to light exposure. We recommend that you don't peel off the inner seal completely. Instead, cut off it with a knife and keep 1/3 to 1/2 of the inner seal attached. 
Curing time - LED 20-40 sec; UV 60 sec. Made in Japan

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