Extension Clear II -25ml-

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Extension Clear II is soak-off builder gel that is easy to pinch to create a beautiful form like acrylics.

Great viscosity that is easy to work with and it self-levels smoothly with no bubbling formula.  It can be used as a topcoat, which will also strengthen the nail. Soak off with gel nail removers or acetone for 5-8 minutes.

LED: 20-40s (flash cure: 1-2s) | UV: 60s (flash cure: 2-3s)
*Flash curing is required to let the heat escape before performing complete curing of 20-60 seconds.

Please use Acetone (Or a mixture of Acetone and alcohol), or 70% Alcohol to remove tacky residue instead of Vetro Nail Wipe (High concentrated isopropyl alcohol) or other gel cleansers to achieve high gloss. Use of Acetone will not affect the strength of the finished product unless the surface is sanded.