Hybrid Base -Peel off-

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Cure Time: LED 30 sec+, UV 60 sec+. Made in Japan. 

Product code:B-HY16

A new era of the base gel has arrived!

Enjoy the option of frequent design changes while keeping the health of the nails.

Say goodbye to the hassle of gel removal. And simply, more time for nail art! One month wear like a regular base gel* and peel it off when it's time for a new set.

*Company research

How to use

Remove the loose cuticle and cleanse the nail plate with 99% isopropyl alcohol. 

Apply an even coat and cure. 

Continue to color or top gel application. 


Gently lift the edge at the root of the nail toward the fingertips. 

*There are individual differences in how easy it is to peel off.

If it is difficult to remove, place cotton soaked with gel remover in the gap between the gel layer and the natural nail for a few minutes.

-VETRO base gel comparison- 

Base Max: No sanding base. Ideal when you don't want to add thickness; therefore a fantastic choice to use over enhancements. The very watery texture makes it easy to fill pocket-lifting spots as well. 


Protect Clear Fuji: Requires sanding. Excellent viscosity for priming uneven natural nails. All-around base gel for soak-off and fill-in services. 

Protect Clear Fuji EX: No sanding base. Perfect for fill-in services and for clients who handle water often. 

Black Line base: Requires sanding. Brush on application cuts down the service time.

Hybrid base: No sanding. Peel off base. Ideal for those who wish to change the design frequently or to wear it only for a special occasion.

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