[VL423] Kinurushi [No.19]

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-Wabi・Sabi Collection-

Elegant gold peal colour.


Kin: Gold. Urushi: Japanese traditional Lacquerware.

Type: Matte

Texture: ★★ Normal

Hue: (Gold)


Item Code: VL423 Kinurushi

Made in Japan. 4ml/0.13oz. LED 20-40 sec; UV 60 sec.

Texture types and best-suited art specifications:
★ Soft - Least pigmented. Suitable for one colour nails, ombre designs.
★★ Normal - Brilliant colouring. Most versatile texture and great for wide varieties of artwork.
★★★ Hard - Intensely pigmented. Ideal for paint art and line works, it applies like acrylic paints.