VETRO Technician Certification Class

Next class is scheduled in Sept, 2021. Please find more details and sign up here (Price is in USD):

You will need the items below to participate in the Vetro Technician Certification Class.

A class kit bundle with all of the Vetro Products and processing fee** has been created with a 19% discount. or...

If you do not need all of the items in the class kit, you can purchase items separately at a 10% discount. (You'll receive the 10% code after signing up for the class.) Please Note: You must also add the Certification Processing Fee to your order to receive your certificate*.

*The submission of assignments using Vetro products is mandatory to be certified as a Vetro Technician.

** The $25 processing fee includes a printed and mailed official Vetro Certificate processed at the Vetro Japan Headquarters; as well as processing of a 10% lifetime Vetro Discount for all who complete their certification.

 Product List 

Base Clear Fuji 4ml $21
Base Max 4ml $21
Top Clear 4ml $21
Extension Clear II 4ml $14
5 Color gels 4ml (023, 277, 279, 357, 387) $94.95
6 Brush (Flat, French, Oval, Max, Liner M, Liner S) $141

Black Line Gel polish 
Base 16ml $18.99 
6 Color gels 16ml (014, 022, 072, 098, 120, 323) $113.94
Non-Wipe Top 16ml $18.99

Design Liner $15
Design Flat $15 


 Certification Processing fee $25